Centerpiece Bowl 17" ExtraLarge, Color Dipped Wood

$ 998.00 $ 299.40

Inspired by the expansive north woods and our countries greatest lake, this enormous bowl is as big and beautiful as our vast wilderness. This truly Superior bowl is turned from one massive hardwood tree which was over 100 years old!  With your big family gatherings in mind this bowl is unlike any other.  With its sizable capacity and modern look,  it is sure to make a BIG impression.

  • Extremely Rare solid wood bowl
  • Serves 18-20 people
  • Made from one solid log
  • Local, sustainably harvested wood
  • Slip resistant rubber bottom
  • Hand-dipped with intention
  • Exclusive hand mixed rubber
  • Thirteen color options
Material: Solid Beech Wood, food safe rubber
Size: approximately 17 inch diameter x 7 inch deep
Origin: Made in the USA