How to clean and protect your wooden salad bowls, boards and utensils.

When using your wooden goods with food, it is important to follow a few, easy steps to ensure it's longevity. 

1. Cleaning: Wash with mild soap, rinse and dry immediately with soft cloth.

2. Seasoning: Seasoning penetrates wooden products and prevents drying and cracking in addition to adding a soft luster finish. 

a.  Rub a thin layer of food safe wood preserver onto entire wood surface with a clean cloth.  Let stand 15 minutes, then buff off any excess.

b.  On new pieces, use wood preserver once a week for the first month to ensure penetration.  Apply 2-3 coats on new untreated wood.  After that, use once a month or whenever wood seems dull and dry. 

        c.  Do not use food based oils such as Olive Oil, Sunflower season as they can become rancid.

 Our favorite wood preserver is our hand made wood oil made with Minnesota harvested beeswax and mineral oil, in natural or with a hint of mandarin orange scent. Learn more about our exclusive wood preserver here.

 Reminders: To avoid warping or cracking, please don't soak your wooden products in water, put in dishwasher, scrub with abrasive material, heat in oven or microwave or leave in direct sunlight.  


Like all wooden bowls, boards and utensils, a natural patina is gained with each use showing the natural richness and character of each piece.  These are the stories of meals spent with loved ones that truly make owning wooden goods special.