a new collection of woven wool goods from guatemala by Willful goods


I am not one who is big on words, images are how I like to communicate.  As a true introvert I like to sit back and observe, read body language and understand the feelings behind the conversation.  I believe there is much to learn by reading a room.  I think this is one of the reasons that I enjoy meeting other artists and artisans, even if we don't speak the same language.  I feel that we are able to communicate through the craft and an occasional smile and laugh.  

Goods with intention, not only applies to myself as a creative, spending my days reveling in my craft, but also working with other creatives who's livelihood depends on their craft.  

In September of 2016 I took a trip to Guatemala where I had the fortune of meeting some wonderful artisans.  This meeting was followed up by 9 months of back and forth communication and has all culminated in our WOVEN collection.  We believe in building long term relationships with our partners, ensuring trust and sustainability for their families.   

A one source collection of 100% wool, naturally dyed goods from Guatemala.  
Imagine, the sun rising in a the beautiful highlands of Guatemala.  The sheep are grazing as our family of artisans is busy sheering, spinning, dying and weaving each of our 100% wool pieces from start to finish.  
We are proud to partner with such a talented family to bring you this truly organic collection of single source woven goods which include, shag + woven pillows, throw rugs and runners.
green and turquoise woven wool throw pillow by willful goods
woven wool runner multi colored stripes by willful goods
woven wool throw rug 2x3 by willful goods
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