I don't know about you but it's January, it's cold and after the holiday decorations come down I am in full on wanderlust mode.  From the glowing shores of East Africa to the sun drenched architecture of Northern India there is so much to see and so many reasons to book a design inspired flight out of this town :)

Here are my top 5:

#1 Melbourne, Australia

With a ton of my art and design inspiration based in cool, graphic color, Melbourne has an abundance of amazing designers and artists with incredible homes to match!  The Design Files is one of Australia's most popular design blogs, I could spend hours during through the images and I have, spend hours following the rabbit hole that is a never ending web of design genius, from one instagramer to the next!  You're on my bucket list Melbourne!

design inspired travel

#2 Marrakech, Morocco

Color, Texture, Sunshine, oh my!  Morocco has long been on my travel list only second to Tanzania in Africa but it has quickly crept up the list with my following of IG accounts like fine_moroccan-rugs and babasouk to drool over.  The neon colors mixed with traditional weaving techniques leave me dreaming of extra suitcases filled with woven goods galore. 

neon morrocan rug

#3 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Imagine a city with boundless culinary options and mind blowing beaches.   It's impossible not to come away with a head overflowing with inspiration.  With birds and scenery so bold and beautiful, it's no surprise that their textiles are equally striking and adventurous.

kanga bird

#4 Antigua, Guatemala

After traveling to Antigua in September for New World Craft I must go back!  The beautiful people, stunning surroundings and incredible artisans happily practicing ancient Mayan weaving techniques make this the best of all worlds.  I look forward to sharing our new line of goods from our partners in Guatemala SOON!

woven textiles from the markets in antigua guatemala

Jaipur, India

Fine attention to detail and (one last time) COLOR!  Jaipur has a long history in handicrafts from block printing to weaving, paper making to pottery.  This city is a color junkies dream not to mention it is nicknamed the "Pink City" for its distinct building colors.  Craftsmen in Jaipur are stated to commit their whole life just into making handicrafts for the city and developing the city one step ahead in art and craft form.  

Jaipur India, the Pink City


I am searching discount flights right now!  What's on your bucket list?  Which city do you look to for design inspiration?