Hey hey!  Can you believe that Willful has been in business for 4 years on Monday?  While we are celebrating with a huge announcement, I thought it might be fun to look back at our seasonal color collections beginning in 2012.  

As a color lover and an Interior Design graduate, I have always loved color.  I love how color can change a mood, express personality and change the dynamics of a space.  For these reasons, I have based my collections on a collection of 8 colors that expresses my favorite colors for the season.  I find inspiration for each semiannual collection from nature, travel and things happening around me.  I try to follow my heart, not trends.  

color dipped mini pinch bowls willful spring summer 2016

Willful colors Spring | Summer 2016

Spring | Summer 2016


willful mini bowls fw15 willful FW15 colorsFall | Winter 2015 


ss16 willful mini bowls

willful ss15 colors

Spring | Summer 2015


Willful fall winter 2014 colors

Fall | Winter 2014 


Willful spring summer 2014 colors

Spring | Summer 2014 


Fall | Winter 2013 


willful spring summer 2013

Spring | Summer 2013 


willful fall 2012 2013 colors

Fall | Winter 2012 


Ahh, what a great look back.  It's almost like taking a look at old family photos from when you were a kid.  So many memories right here in these images.  Memories of the inspiration from each line, what I was feeling and thinking at the time.  Do you have a favorite?  

February 12, 2016 by Araya Jensen