Hey!  I just landed on US soil and am filled with inspiration.  I had the most wonderful trip to Thailand this past week.  Not only because it is such a beautiful country filled with amazing skylines and architecture but the people are kind, caring and generous.   I was fortunate enough to experience a bit of Thailand that many don't which I will write more about soon.  For now, I wanted to share a few of my favorite images from Bangkok and Sangkhlaburi.  My brain is filled with new colors, shapes and textures which, I am sure will begin to flow through some of my pieces soon.

grand palace thailand

Bangkok women floating market

bridge over the river kwai

sunrise over Sangklaburi thailand

fishing boat in river at sunset sangkhlaburi thailand

Thai kids selling flowers

7 tier waterfall swimming hole thailand

It was truly an amazing trip!  Have you booked your tickets yet?