Is there anyone who doesn’t love candy? (Dentists, I’m really sorry, but your answers don’t count.) I’ve had a sweet tooth for as long as I can remember. If I ever had an extra 5 bucks when I was younger, I knew exactly where I was going: the candy store. The possibilities seemed endless. Jawbreaker? Sure, I’ll take one! Gummy sharks? Why, yes please! A handful of jellybeans? Who could say no to that! By the time I was finished making my selection, the bag would be bursting with candy of all shapes and sizes, colors and textures. And that’s when I realized – candy isn’t just delicious; it’s also absolutely beautiful. So this summer when I was dreaming up the limited line, I just knew I had to let some of my favorite candies from my childhood inspire me – and I’m so excited about how it turned out!


* * * * *

Pixie stix: Pixie stix might win for the best form. They look like magical fairy dust with their bright, vibrant colors and they taste like it, too. When I was thinking about how to incorporate pixie stix into the line, I opened one of the up and spread it out on a piece of paper. The design of the spilled pixie stix was beautiful – it was haphazard, yet purposeful. I opened another one up, a different color this time, and added it to the paper. The colors mixed beautifully and added the perfect pop of color to the simple white paper, and that’s how this 10-inch beech bowl was born! I left the wood its original golden color, added a clear rubber protectant seal, and then mixed in textured colors, reminiscent of pixie stix. The result is a whimsical bowl that combines the best of natural beauty and the sweetness that is candy.


Saltwater taffy: Ooooo saltwater taffy, how I love you so. Not only does it taste absolutely amazing, I think it wins for one of the most beautiful looking candies out there, if only for the colors! As much as I love neon, there’s something so sweetly calming about the soft pastel colors found in saltwater taffy. It all goes together seamlessly– the soft texture, the gentle, swirled colors, and a lazy summer afternoon. This bowl is made with all those characteristics in mind and in a size perfect for sharing with friends.


Bubblegum: I sometimes think of bubblegum as the OG of candy. Unwrapping it and taking the first bite was always the best part. And then how fun was learning how to blow bubbles? (Except when someone popped them on your face – my siblings definitely did that to me growing up!) For this bowl, I crossed a bright, punch shade of pink with the pale, sweet pink of bubblegum for a bowl that’s perfect for all of your small, delicious life moments.


Fruit slice candy: This candy is the perfect combination of sweet & sour. With the first bite, your mouth puckers a bit, and then you bite into the chewy gummy and the sugar flavor bursts open. These small candies pack a punch and so do these mini bowls. They’ll brighten any room you put them in.


Gourmet licorice candy: This candy is definitely the sophisticated one of the bunch. I felt like a grown-up when I graduated to liking licorice (in reality, I was probably only 12 years old). But these candies always felt so fancy, like the black-tie equivalent of getting dressed. But don’t worry, this trio of snack bowls inspired by the modern colors of gourmet licorice is happy to serve at any event, whether it’s a BBQ or a dinner party.



Satellite wafers: I dare you to find a candy much cuter than these ones. On top of being absolutely adorable, their fluffy, crunch exterior is pure candy perfection, mixed with the hard crunch of the small candy beads inside. Just like the wafers, these treasure pots are made to contain beautiful surprises.



Dum dums: Okay, what I just said about satellite wafers being the cutest candy, I take back. Dum dums actually win this title. With so many flavors to choose from, dum dums are guaranteed to please even the pickiest candy enjoyers. I chose three of my favorite flavors for these cups: blue raspberry, fruit punch, and cotton candy. Bright, sweet, adorable, and compact, these cups are the perfect addition to your glass collection. Check out the full CANDY limited line look book

What are your favorite candies? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out last year’s summer limited line, Sweet Treats!


June 08, 2015 by Araya Jensen