May is known for many things: Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer, grilling, tomato growing, flower picking, the first freeeeeezing swim in the lake, and the first accidental sunburn. However, I think it would be more appropriate to also just refer to May as the blast-off for wedding season. And what a season it is! I love nothing more than a wedding (surprise, surprise) — a celebration of two people in love, two people who’ve chosen to make that commitment to each other, surrounded by friends and family, or maybe just family, or maybe just each other. However they’re done, each wedding is amazing, memorable, and love-filled in its own way.

But I also know that as a guest, it can sometimes be difficult to find that perfect wedding gift. You want to give something that’s special, but also useful. Something that’s modern, but will remain timeless. Something that truly demonstrates how much you care about the couple, and also shows the excitement you feel for them as they take this next step in their lives. It’s with all of these goals and aspirations in mind that I designed the wedding gift collection. I’m super excited about all of the items in the collection, so I wanted to highlight some of the ones that I think deserve to make their way home to a happy couple this wedding season.

The “Better Together” cutting boards: Whether you’re preparing an elaborate meal, or just serving a spread of cheese and bread (my preferred dinner of choice on too many nights), a cutting board is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. We’ve kicked it up a notch, though, by engraving “better together” into the board as a reminder that, like wine and cheese, this couple truly is better together.


The “Something Blue” treasure pots for two: Wedding season doesn’t just mean the actual wedding — it also encompasses all the bridal showers and engagement parties that are part of the lead-up to the special day. A perfect safe keeper for those treasured rings, these pots are a wonderful gift for a couple either on or leading up to their happy day. (And you get to kill two birds with one stone by knocking out the “something blue” requirement. Double win!)

Super, duper large fruit bowl: I’m in LOVE with this bowl. It’s completely unique and the wooden grains on this are just amazing. I also love that this bowl invites large quantities and sharing. It’s made with the promise of entertaining and providing for loved ones and making room for others at the table. It’s a celebration of all the good things to come in a marriage and the spirit of creating a home together. (Who knew a wooden bowl could say so much?


What’s the best wedding gift you’ve ever gotten or gifted? Also, be sure to check out the rest of the wedding gift collection here, and stay tuned because we’ve got more amazing wedding gift ideas coming your way!