This isn’t a secret, but I just love, love, love Ikea. With one so close to the Twin Cities, it’s beyond easy to scoot on over there whenever I’m looking to do some updates. But maybe my favorite thing about Ikea is that you can start with something good, and then turn it into something amazing, something just for you. So when we were looking to change our store window, I knew Ikea would be the perfect place to get some inspiration – and, oh my gosh, did I find it! What started as just a simple white table top turned into so much art.



Plastic (from anything you have around the house)
Soil (made specifically for cacti and succulent varieties)
Sphagnum Moss (from your local plant nursery or garden shop)
Hair pins
Box cutting knife
Dry erase marker
The Process:
1.Draw your artwork onto the table top with a dry erase marker.  Simple patterns or sayings will product the best results.
2. Cut the table top with the box cutting knife. You only need to cut through the top layer.  Then pop out the cut sections.

3. Cut out the cardboard "comb" portion (who knew this is what was inside!).  I was able to use my fingers to pull it out.

4. Line hollowed out area with plastic

5. Fill with soil then pack moss on top densely

6. Water lightly (so everything sticks together)

7.  Add succulents and secure stems with hairpins.  We poked the pins into the side cardboard which also held the plastic in place.

8.  Lay flat and let the roots take hold for 2-4 weeks.

9. Now you should be able to tip vertically with minimal fall out.  Adjust succulents if needed. 

10.  Be sure to water (spritz) lightly about every week to keep these babies green and growing.

Hooray, Living Art!

This is such a fun project.  I used this for my Spring front window display but the possibilities are endless.  I could imagine this as artwork over a sofa, in a well lit bedroom, office...anywhere you need a bit of living artwork.