Guys, these months are flying by! It seems like just yesterday that we hosted our first workshops, and here we are, finished with our second round! Just where has the time gone?!

 With hosting our second iteration of selling online 101, I could not have been more excited than to meet all of you future entrepreneurs, learn more about your business plans, and offer any and all advice that I’ve collected over the past few years. We all have something we can teach each other, and the collaboration that I witnessed in the room was truly special. I’m super jazzed to dig deeper into specifics of creative entrepreneurship in upcoming sessions, so make sure to get in touch (hello at windandwillowhome dot com) if there’s a topic or area that you want to learn about!

We also had a great group gathered for the block printing workshops. Despite dangerous weapons (carving those blocks with knives is no easy task!), we all walked away unscathed (for the most part, phew!) and with the best of spoils: our own modern patterns transferred to a beautiful natural linen textile. We also got to explore bock printing on paper, and each made our own cards. I’m trying to describe how AMAZING these creations were, but I think photos are the only way to really do justice to the incredible work:



As before, I want to extend the biggest (truly, the biggest) “thank you!” to all of you who joined us. And stay tuned because we’ve got an especially pretty one in store for May! (If you want to be one of the first ones in the know, sign up for our newsletter here.)