The big news going on around here (besides our newly released tote bags and spring colors, along with our upcoming workshops – we’re staying busy!), is that we have a brand new window installation! While it saddened me just a little bit to take down the previous one (our inaugural Wind & Willow Home display – I’m feeling nostalgic already!), I’m just so excited about this one. It feels like it carries the very best promise of spring and puts a bounce into my step and a smile on my face whenever I see it. What do you guys think?


(Also, just a small, little hint that we will have all the nitty gritty on how to DIY this in an upcoming post!)


And while we’re at it, we also wanted to share a tour of the studio in spring. With just a few small tweaks and adjustments, it feels like a brand new space. How do you welcome spring into your home?