All signs point to spring. The sun has been shining, the clocks turned back (even though I’m exhausted and have no idea what time it is, I’ll take it!), the snow is melting, and we officially launched our spring and summer colors. In my mind, spring means it’s time for farmer’ market bounty, lake swims, flowers, and picnics outside. It also means that it’s tote bag season. (How else are you going to get your fresh strawberries home, pack your swim suit and towel, protect your bouquets, and transport your bread and cheese to your cozy picnic blanket?) With all of these important responsibilities in mind, we’re so, so thrilled to offer our very own Wind & Willow Home tote bags this season.


Having worked with wood for so long, it was a little bit of a different process to figure out exactly how I wanted to design these bags. Working with textiles was a whole new world to me, and while I experimented with several different techniques – shibori, screen printing, indigo – as soon as I tried marbling, I just fell in love with its organic, swirly, and endlessly fun movement.

 Marbling originated in Japan in the 12th century (you can read up on more of the history and different types of marbling here), but it still feels endlessly modern and fresh. (And did I mention unique? No two pieces will ever be alike.) I hold my breath each time that I dip the fabric just because I’m so excited to see how the colors will meld together and what patterns will emerge. I always think I’ve seen my favorite and then it gets one-upped by the next!

So, here’s to the start of toting season. What will you be carrying in yours?  

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