I don’t know about you, but I’m still blown away by JackieSarah, and Mary Jo’s goooooorgeous creations (here). Aren’t they just incredible? I could stare at them all day (literally, all day), but we have more colors to introduce, so as promised, let’s add four more colors to the mix! Rounding out the spring and summer line with the help of even more local creatives, let’s welcome Thistle, Nest, Lime, and Wander!

I can't get over how incredibly talented Megan of Mae Mae & Co. is.  Her attention to detail in every job she does is simply remarkable.  When I asked her to help me out with our multifaceted color Thistle, she not only gave me this wonderful image, she went ahead and created three different inspirational images. "I wanted to create scenes that represented different kinds of tabletop scenes for different makers/doers to represent creative ways to use these little vessels."  She most definitely hit the nail on the head as our Thistle reflects purple with a strong sense of blue...bold, yet natural, warm and cool alike.  Check out our instagram for a peek at another of Megan's images.

Immediately when I named this warm greyish brown Nest, I thought of Mary Jo's remarkable images of her natural collections on her Still blog.  I imagined an abundance of bird homes and feathers but like any good artist, she was able to use her talent and see through the name to these beautiful, naturally rounded pebbles.  This perfectly explains our new spring color NEST...warm, rich, a bit modern and a bit soft all as one.

What to you get when you ask a designer/baker and full time mamma to curate a collection of objects inspired by a mouth watering, vibrant fruit?  This perfect pattern of all things LIME.  Thankfully, Melissa of the ever inspiring The Faux Martha blog obliged my request to help us introduce LIME.   Kindred design spirits; her clean, modern pattern spells out all things that are good in the kitchen (including our kiddos).  


Our color Wander was inspired by a never ending blue sky and the urge to follow it wherever it may lead.  Just like our friends at the beautiful Driftless magazine believe:

Our interests lie in exploring the world around you, cooking with fresh, wholesome ingredients, slowing down to fully take in your surroundings, and spending time with those who mean the most to you. We love trying new things, eating local, sharing the wonders of our own backyards, and keeping family traditions alive in new and interesting ways. We are hardworking, kind, resourceful, and down-to-earth. We’re always in awe of the Great Lakes. We are a cultural crossroads — we are the Midwest."

The huge thank you goes to our wonderful friends who helped us introduce this season’s line! You should already know this by now, but you guys are the best!