It’s finally, finally here – the day we get to unveil the first half of our new 2015 spring and summer line! Don’t get me wrong, I loved our fall and winter colors, but I think it’s high time we moved onto something a little warmer and brighter, don’t you? (And if you missed our last post, you can see some of the inspiration behind this season’s line here.)

We are excited and honored to have some of our kindest, most talented and creative Minneapolis friends to help us introduce these new colors with their artistic interpretations. What they’ve done is just so beautiful, so lovely, and so fun that I’m, frankly, beside myself with glee. So with no further ado, here they are: Punch, Miel, Baltic and Conch.

Thanks to the lovely Jackie Reisenauer for her beautiful floral stylings to help me introduce Punch, a fruity-fun, bright pinky red!  Her floral and design studio Munster Rose has been one of Minneapolis' most sought after floral design studios in addition to being listed as one of the top floral designs by Martha Stuart Weddings.  

We are grateful to be friends with the multi-talented Sarah Kiefer of The Vanilla Bean Blog and love how she captured Miel (Spanish for honey) a beautiful, warm light yellow.  Sarah's mouth watering recipes, thoughtful words and emotional images have landed her featured spots on many of the best known food publications in addition to being named Saveur Magazines, Best Baking and Deserts Blog 2014.  No doubt the best is yet to come as she is in the depths of writing her first book which will no doubt be a baking 'must have'.

Mary Jo Hoffman inspires thousands each day with her serene Still Blog as she collects ordinary objects and makes them extraordinary.  Obviously, she has not disappointed as she continues to create remarkable images in any medium.  We couldn't be more grateful that she agreed help us introduce this bright BALTIC blue.

I had the fortune of taking a winter weekend escape to Florida and had fun collection pieces to help introduce Conch, a warm pinky peach.  I love collecting beautiful treasures from our family adventured around the country and finding unlimited color inspiration from them.  I am constantly energized by finding beauty in some of the smallest details of nature.


Aren’t these just amazing? Thank you so much to Jackie, Sarah and Mary Jo for helping us out.  And stay tuned for Thursday’s post where we’ll introduce the final four colors with the help of some more of our wonderful, local friends!

March 01, 2015 by Araya Jensen