Over the past 3 years I have had a few thoughtful gentlemen email me (and one Mother-in-Law to be) requesting a custom Treasure Pot in their girlfriend's favorite color or a color that was special to the couple.  The level of thoughtfulness these men have is impressive and I wanted to share a few with you today in anticipation for Valentines day...which apparently is quite high on the list of proposal days!

The first custom request I ever received was from a guy who requested a very particular shade of purple by sending a photo of his girlfriend's favorite flower, Lilac.  In this case, he was planning on proposing to her in a public garden surrounded by big, blooming Lilac bushes.  Can you imagine the smell and the scene?  The stuff of fairytales!  

Another thoughtful request came from an excited guy who wanted a pot in sea blue, a color that was special to them as a couple.  It represented their original trip to Mexico where they first fell in love 2 years prior.  This was also the destination that he was about to propose, on the beach, at SUNSET!  Aaahhhhmazing!

Finally, I received a special request from a soon to be Mother-in-Law who spotted these little pots and knew her son's girlfriend was the one.  He would be asking her for his hand in marriage with his great-granmothers heirloom ring and, "It needed a special box to be presented in" she said.  

I don't always have the time to make custom pieces but each time I do I imagine the excitement of the recipient and it is if I can transport myself into their shoes.  The shared excitement reminds me of how my husband proposed, 9 years ago, on a gazebo at the end of Shovel Point stretching out into Lake Superior (we had been hiking around for 3 hours before he found the right spot). 

In each of these cases their girlfriends accepted (Hooray!) and in one case (that I know of) the bride loved her Treasure Pot so much she ordered custom colored pots as a gift for here bridesmaids.  If you have a beautiful story such as these where one of our products was involved we would LOVE to hear it.