In January I was lucky enough to join some wonderfully caring people lead by The American Refugee Committee and travel across the world to a small refugee camp along the border of Thailand and Myanmar.  

hell fire pass, thailand by araya jensen

The experience was amazing and a powerful start to fulfilling one of my dreams. Every since I was a teen, I had always dreamed up ways that I could have an impact on other's not as fortunate as myself. I am passionate about making these dreams more real and doing things big and small to help others.  One small way I can help is to share stories and create more awareness.  

When I first met Daniel Wordsworth, president of ARC, he told us a beautiful story about how he asked storytellers and elders from communities around the world their thoughts on human existence. Below is what he learned and what drives The American Refugee to help so many people in places like Thailand, Syria, Pakistan and Haiti. 

  1. To be human is to be wondrous. We all understand this in different ways, for some it means having a soul, for others an eternal spirit, or to be made of the atoms of stars. We each describe it in different ways but we understand the wonder of being a human.
  2. Each person enters the world with a gift – something unique to offer their community.

I think these words are a beautiful way to appreciate the importance of all people in our world and a great motivation to seek out, recognize and share these gifts.  So, I am announcing the start  of the #Iamwillful project, where I share these wondrous peoples' stories of spreading their will, positively impacting others with their gifts.

 This week I am excited to introduce you to Ajjima.  An energetic women who is using her will to spread happiness to everyone she meets.  Check back Friday for her story.

Do you know someone who is sharing their will to selflessly make other's lives better?  Please email your stories to 

May 02, 2016 by Araya Jensen